Ever wondered how much it costs to run the Old Boltonians AFC? Well it’s over £30k and increasing by the year.

We are a non profit-making club so any surplus each year gets “ploughed” back into the club to improve the facilities. The pitches are owned by Old Boltonains Association (Bolton School) so without them, the costs would be substantially higher.

Then there are our volunteers who give up so much of their own time to make the club what it is today. Dave Lee for his attentive nurturing of the pitches, Rog Milne for the many facets of commitment to the cause, Steve Eccleshare as the Club and first team manager, Richard Morris as Chairman and many more. We also are indebted to the club sponsors and the patrons who simply make monthly donations to the club they love.

Without these guys there would be no club, it’s as simple as that. So to reduce this reliance on their generosity, we have introduced the compulsory membership scheme at £20 per month for all playing members. No exceptions.

Our club treasurer Roger Milne (see image - he’s the old one!) has put together this document showing our budget for 2019/20 based on last seasons expenditure. So you can all see where the money goes.

To see the latest budget for this season, just click the link below

Download File