Old Boltonians AFC 300 Club

Fancy getting involved with Roger's Big Money Balls? Get in touch with him at rogermilne@ntlworld.com

The 300 club should collect £3600 (300 x £12) a year. Half the proceeds go out in prize money the other goes towards improving the club facilities. 

The annual draw is made towards the end of each year.

Click HERE for a list of names & numbers and details of who has won over the past 10 years.

The latest draw was made by Roger at The Ainsworth Arms on 16/12/17. The winners can be found HERE

Thanks for your continued support.


Have you moved house in the last 5 years?

The chances are we still have your old address so please send a quick e-mail to Roger Milne at rogermilne@ntlworld.com to confirm your current address, so that the next time you win, the cheque gets to you!